Social media, Technology and the Modern Teacher

Each month, we’ll post some suggestions of things to try relating to either social media or technology in the classroom (edtech). This month (October) it’s the turn of Twitter.



The above image is a great resource for if you are starting to realise the benefits of using Twitter for your own CPD. Each stop on the tube map is a teacher you might wish to follow. The different colours on the tube line correspond to their specific interests atwitter-photond there are some specific mentions of particularly strong Tweachers (teachers who tweet) and the reasons for following them.

If you are not on Twitter, it is well worth the few minutes it takes to sign up. Some of our favourite tweachers and organisations can be found in the link below:

101 Great Teachers to Follow on Twitter

This link should also support you if you haven’t yet made a Twitter account.

The photo above is a screenshot of a Twitter feed that includes conversations on how children learn, a debate regarding the possible subjective nature of some types of exams, teacher well-being and a link to a GCSE computing quiz resource. It’s a daily dose of CPD that can help with day to day teaching alongside helping you to keep up-to-date with a range of topics relating to educational reform.

If you’re convinced, sign up and don’t forget to follow @MidessexITT!






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