In the Firing Line – Teaching My First Lesson



It’s 10:05am and suddenly it hits me. This is really it. All the ideas, dreams and wondering about what it will be like are about to become reality. In 60 seconds time I will finally find out what it is like to stand in front of a room of teenagers and try to teach them.

We are now about 5 intensive weeks into our Initial Teacher Training course and I have so far spent numerous lessons observing teachers, offering small group support and ‘critically reflecting’ on specific aspects of their teaching practice.

That was an interesting technique…think I’ll magpie that

Hmm, I possibly wouldn’t have taken that approach with that student

And other such scenarios. All good evidence, all a learning process, each lesson another piece of knowledge to store away for when I need it most. Like now. Of course, I’m not stood here in front of the class, hoping to deliver the most amazing lesson about atomic structure to a year 9 bottom set. I’m fully expecting all manner of things to go wrong and if I survive till break I’ll consider it a success. But then at the same time, I’m secretly hoping that it all works really well, that I’ll be some revelation in the classroom and that this crazy idea of becoming a teacher wont be dashed at the first attempt. Frankly, that I wont hate it.

And I don’t. Sure, the realisation that it’s just me in front of all those baying teenagers is somewhat daunting at first, but I love it. The answering back, the lack of respect, the constant low level disruption, those few students that do what they have been asked to do. I made that happen. And I survived, I didn’t cry, shout, put the whole class in detention or physically assault anyone. And next time, I know, it will be just that little bit better, and that little bit easier and I might even know their names.

It’s time to get teaching.

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