Improving questioning with… a dog toy?

Yes, that’s right! Dog toys are the latest trend in the world of pedagogy*.

(*In Becky’s world of pedagogy that is.)dog-toy

For just £2, you too can purchase these brilliant balls from Pets at Home.

Okay, I’ve got the balls – now what?

Step 1: Use Bloom’s taxonomy to choose different levelled task words. I chose: identify, clarify, summarise, predict, explain, and argue.

Step 2: Find suitably pretty coloured card and cut this into strips. Write one task word per strip. Then fold these so that the word is hidden and post inside them your ball.

Step 3: On your lesson presentation, write your six questions.

Step 4: Scratch that, if you want more control over the differentiation then ask questions using the task word spontaneously depending on which child gets which word.

Step 5: During your class feedback, pass the ball to students who then extricate one of the strips. Once they know their task word they must answer the corresponding question.

Step 6: Bounce the question to another student – do you agree with Student A?

Step 7: Celebrate with celebrations (other chocolate brands are available). You’re a great teacher!

Becky Churchman

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