Feeling Like a Real Teacher

They warned us. They told us things were about to get crazy busy. That we should be prepared for long days, even longer nights and hours upon hours of lesson planning. Did we listen? Well actually yes we did, but it’s still taken us all by surprise.

Throughout our training we are encouraged or rather required to “reflect, reflect, reflect” on lessons, observations, reading, reflections, each other. Sometimes these reflections can be a grind but more often they give us the opportunity to examine what we have witnessed or experienced and identify ways in which we could improve things the next time around. And that so far has been the difficulty, I haven’t been able to put things right. Of course that is not completely accurate, each lesson offers many aspects on which to reflect and make improvements for future lessons be it behaviour management, lesson timing, student progress, assessment or differentiation
strategies. However, up until now I have not had the chance to deliver a whole lesson for a second time.

Of course, I’m not naïve, just because I’ve experienced the highs of teaching a repeat lesson doesn’t mean I don’t have much still to learn and will no doubt undergo many more lows along the way but this experience has really given me renewed enthusiasm, focus and determination to make the a success of the remainder of my training year and my eventual move into NQT status.

Andrew Heinrich

For more of Andrew’s blog posts, visit: https://anewadventureblog.wordpress.com

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