Ready, set… GO!

Now into my third week of teacher training I am beginning to feel part of the department, school and part of the lessons I have been observing. Yes I’ve had the occasional “Hi miss” in the corridor, (which I will admit I was rather excited about!), but until you are standing in front of the classroom and you are the person who has the control of teaching, that is when it hits you that you really are the blood running through the veins of that lesson!

ready set go.jpg

Monday period 2 in my third week I delivered my first activity. A great class of year 10 GCSE business studies students. This was an introductory activity on the topic of risks and rewards. On the whole, I believe the activity went well; the students were engaged, responsive and most importantly, they did not even mumble whilst I was teaching. This 10 minute activity made me feel like I really was part of that classroom and the students respected me as a teacher. Later on in the same day, I supported a year 8 citizenship lesson (again, what a lovely bunch of students!). Just after half way through the lesson the teacher had to attend a meeting so a cover teacher was bought in. To my surprise, the year 8’s now saw me as their teacher, even though there was a cover teacher present. I was the one that they were familiar with, I was the one who knew the tasks set and what to do and essentially, I was in control of that lesson. Having only 30 minutes of sole teaching time in one day, it felt like I had gone from walking in the park, to running a marathon! Not only did I feel like I had achieved a rapport with the students in that class, I was able to try out my teaching style and also develop my confidence in teaching.

Then it was time to reflect upon my day. Did I over plan for my year 10 activity? Yes, probably. Did I think too much into it and aim for perfection? 100%. However, to all the trainees with Mid-Essex ITT (or any teacher training programme), it is OK to over think. This is the time to do it! Once the assignments start creeping in and we have 12-15 lessons a week to plan for, there will be no time or will-power for extra thinking! Take every opportunity to take a lead on an activity. By planning an activity/lesson you are able to really consider effective teaching strategies and if the task you have prepared would work well with that particular group of students. I consider myself lucky that I was able to be part of a class where it was myself and a cover teacher; it was my first opportunity to be considered as the ‘lead’ teacher. Be prepared for a question every 30 seconds and to run around the classroom backwards and forwards to attend to those hands waving in the air! Three words to sum up my third Monday into teacher training? Ready, set…GO!

 Mohini, Trainee Teacher in Business Studies at Shenfield High School.


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