Teaching Standards Evidence: MADE EASY

All my life I have been aiming to make life easier. Sometimes that means taking on a challenge, increasing resilience each time we overcome a hurdle and subsequently basking in the joy (even if time is short before the next challenge) of success.

I know many of us are mid piles of paperwork, lesson plans, reflection and Teaching Standards !!! All of these areas are very important and so is a little rest and recuperation. Time is limited so I thought I’d blog a couple of ideas that I developed and others have found useful. If you’re doing them already, ‘Great minds think alike’ and if not you may find them helpful:

  1. When you have a piece of evidence that you may want to use for Teaching Standards, just pencil on the back or use a post it (love the variety of colours and shapes), the date produced, Standard number, Substandard and a quick note (highlighted) to say why you’re using it as evidence, if this is not obvious.
  2. Use plastic fixed plastic wallet folders to keep evidence safe and current tasks in. You can write on the front and wallets in sharpie pens for a quick easily accessible filing system. They are light to carry and great to keep potential evidence separated in until checking them against standards and marking up as in 1 (and no I don’t have a vested interest in any company!)
  3. This is my favourite and latest idea to make life easier. Each time I prepare a lesson, I gather information, ideas and resources in the form of a PowerPoint. I can then develop these slides from the lesson plan into a presentation, use some or all of them in the lesson (remember, nothing is set in stone so skipping a slide is still an option). Now for the time saver; at the end of the lesson, feeling chuffed, elated, thoughtful, okay or disappointed, I add a ‘Reflective’ slide. Quickly typing in reflections seems just easier than pen on paper as I can adjust and add content and add colours to highlight different areas. Thoughts are typed, along with any feedback given from (ST) or (M) and changes I want to make to the lesson/Powerpoint.

Liane post it 1

Liane post it 2

Later I add the appropriate Standard to each reflection (usually with a cup of tea and biscuit, yes just the one!). I add this one slide to a Reflection powerpoint. Now I have a record of my thoughts, action I can take to improve, ideas I’ve had and importantly evidence for and record of Standards that I can use now or find easily later if a Standard is lacking evidence.

All the above take just a few minutes, help keep you organised, learn the standards and most importantly can be done while relaxing with a cuppa, the obligatory treat and if lucky, with your feet up.

Liane, Maths Trainee Teacher, The Sandon School

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