Primary School Visits

Last week, our secondary trainees visited a primary school local to them.  Here are two reflections from Juliet and Liane about their experiences:


“Last Thursday I made may way through the light snow fall to my primary school placement. It’s a school that I have looked around previously when looking for a place for my daughter and, whilst she ended up at a different school, I still consider it among the best in my area. The Head is warm and welcoming; the staff professional and approachable; the pupils bright and confident. There is also something rather unique about this small village school: it has two places in each class enhanced provision pupils. The result of this is that the mainstream children work everyday with children whom have varying degrees of need, ranging from those whom you would have to work with closely to know that there is anything ‘different’ about them, to those with profound difficulties.

The pupil that will always stick with me is one whom I recall seeing back when I looked around the school in 2015. He is wheel chair user with limited upper body movement and no verbal communication skills. He has an LSA with him at all times and, with her help, was able to participate in a whole class activity which, whilst he did struggle with it, did at least demonstrate that he is as much a member of the class as any of the other children. At his request, I sang him a few nursery rhymes and let him touch my jumper which he found fascinating. I then watched him use his eye-gaze – an extraordinary piece of equipment which allowed him to access a computer using his eyes.

My placement was both eye opening and rewarding, and now more than ever I appreciate all the hard work that LSAs do to provide the kind of support that teachers don’t have the capacity to provide.” 

Juliet, Drama trainee teacher, Moulsham High School


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