Half Way

It’s February and we are (as I keep telling myself) almost half way through our training year with Mid Essex ITT.

As I pack up my files and empty out my locker at my A Placement school, ready to start all over again at my B Placement, I am minded to reflect.

Looking back to September, I feel as though I am standing half way up a mountain, peering down at myself in the far distance.


Yes, there I am, small but determined, taking my first tentative steps. I remember the path was steep, and sometimes I would stumble. There were a couple of times, I have to admit, when the terrain got so difficult that I wondered whether it wouldn’t be easier to just run back down the valley; back to the old, familiar ways. Of course, it was my fellow travellers who kept me going, and the feeling that it would not do to let them go on ahead without me. Every time I fell down, someone hauled me to my feet again, and set me back on the right path. It would be a lonely journey without them, and I am certain I would not have come so far.

That’s quite enough of that metaphor… must be all the creative writing I’ve been doing with my Year 9s this term!

So, how far have I really come since September? I am certainly a more competent teacher now. I think that comes through so many hours of observing other teachers, teaching classes myself, and receiving targeted feedback. And with competence, comes confidence: yesterday, my heartbeat didn’t even flutter, as I calmly instructed my Year 8s to leave the classroom and line up again ready to “come in sensibly this time”. It worked a treat, but it’s not something I would have been confident enough to suggest even a couple of months ago.

Thinking about my B Placement, I find that I am excited and nervous in equal measure. A whole new school-site to get lost in, over a hundred new student’s names to muddle up, new texts, new exam board, new colleagues, new parents! But, it’s all part of the journey… and I think, if I look up, through the clouds, I can almost glimpse the summit.